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Welcome to Armed Conflict!

     If you’re here and thinking of joining. Please visit the roster forum to read the guild charter.  If you’re still interested after that go to the recruitment post and fill out the information form. This website will be the main communication hub for all guild activities.  This makes it easier for us to communicate with each other without being in game.

     We are all excited about building Armed Conflict up to be one of the premiere guilds on the server. We have done it before and we will do it again. It all starts here with you! For the Alliance!

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Scheduled Events

Bravedog Glory, Feb 18, 11 1:41 PM.
The Raid Calendar is where we will schedule all the guilds activities.  It has been updated and we need everyone to check them out and indicate if they can go or not.  This is real simple and it will help us stay organized and productive. Thanks

New Vent info

Bravedog Glory, Feb 17, 11 8:25 PM.
We set up a new ventrilo account for the guild.  The old one expired.  Please check guild info for vent info.  I will be putting the vent info on the website also.

Rules and Guidelines

Siyu, Feb 14, 11 3:35 PM.
Brave has just put up our Guild Rules and Guidelines. Please read over them and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Make yourself very familiar to these rules. We want to be able to refer back to these rules when there is a problem. It helps us out if you know them as well.

Guild Charter is live

Bravedog Glory, Feb 9, 11 2:12 PM.
If you want to know if Armed Conflict is the right place for you? Visit our forums and read our guild charter. It gives you a snap shot of what we're all about and if we can be a good fit for you.  After you have read the guild charter and your interested in signing please visit the recruiting forum and fill out the simple information form.  Thanks for the visit!


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Siyu, Jan 31, 11 12:31 AM.
Welcome to the website everyone!!!! We just got this up and we hope everyone will use it. We are actually going to be doing a lot of updates for the guild here. If we cant get online in game to tell you guys about things we are going to do it here. So make sure you check up on the site!! Hope you guys have fun getting to know each other and playing World of Warcraft. I will see you around!!!
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Hello! Armed Conflict is looking for players ranging in the levels of 80-85. We need all! We plan on doing raids, rated battlegrounds and all sorts of other pvp. We will also help you guys get geared for heroics and raids. If you want to know more send me some mail names Miria on the site I am Siyu!
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